Getting to Niseko Ski Resort (Hokkaido) in the far North of Japan

Flying is the most popular, cheapest and recommended way of getting to Sapporo (the capital city of Hokkaido) and the main gateway to Niseko.

Most people coming from Australia arrive into Japan at either Tokyo/Narita Airport or Toyko Haneda Airport. The main airlines that travel to these terminals are Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines or low cost carriers like Jetstar which have regular flights from Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Getting from Toyko/Narita Airport to Sapporo:

There are some low cost carrier airlines like Jetstar and Air Asia who fly to Sapporo from Tokyo/Narita as well as Japan Airlines who operate twice a week from Tokyo/Narita. Most people arriving in Toyko/Narita will depart for Sapporo from Tokyo/Haneda Airport if flights don’t match up, but this requires a 90 minute bus transfer from Narita to Haneda Airport.

Getting from Tokyo/Haneda Airport to Sapporo:

There are 2 major Japanese airlines who fly from Tokyo/Haneda Airport to Sapporo/Chitose Airport daily (ANA All Nippon Airways & JAL Japan Airlines).  There are direct flights from Sydney to Tokyo/Haneda with Qantas Airways which will meet up with a domestic flight through to Sapporo/Chitose. People arriving to Tokyo/Narita however, will need to get to Tokyo/Haneda to fly to Sapporo/Chitose unless their flights match up with the twice weekly flights with JAL from Toyko/Narita to Sapporo/Chitose.

If you have a late flight arriving into Tokyo/Narita it is advised to spend 1 night in Tokyo then take a transfer to Tokyo/Haneda and fly out in the morning to Sapporo/Chitose. The earliest flight from Tokyo/Haneda to Sapporo/Chitose departs at 10:30am arriving around midday. From Sapporo/Chitose Airport it is a simple bus trip to the Niseko Ski Area.

Getting from Brisbane to Sapporo via Seoul/Inchen Airport:

Whilst this option is not the cheapest, flying Korean Air is very easy with only a short stopver time in Seoul (South Korea) at the modern Seoul-Inchen International Airport with free showers!


Sapporo/Chitose Airport to Niseko Ski Area:

The most convenient way of getting to Niseko is by bus transfer. This will take about 2 – 4 hours depending on weather and road conditions.  Private transfers can also be arranged which is a direct door to door service but can cost a pretty penny if you are travelling as a couple or for solo travellers. This method is a bit faster too without as many stops to let people off.  Car rentals are also another form of getting to Niseko Ski Resort. You will need to have an International drivers license and pre-arranged car hire (due to availability). 


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