MOSS Snowsticks - SnowSurfing

World Snowfaris has recently teamed up with MOSS Snowsticks, a snowboard design company revolutionizing the snowboard and its overall design and shape so we can feel like we are surfing a wave.  

Exclusive Snowboarders Only Tour:  21-27 Jan 2017.  It's a one off... max 6 person... 6 day adventure...

Due to popular demand, World Snowfaris and MOSS will again be hosting a 1 week, snowboarder only tour in a secret location in Japan.  With only a handful of spots up for grabs it is recommended to contact World Snowfaris now to secure your spot. This tour will be hosted by a MOSS team rider who will have boards handy for you to try out, giving you an alternative to the common snowboard we see flying down the mountain these days.



A term commonly used by MOSS “less is more” features heavily in their design philosophy and to them feeling part of the mountain or the terrain you are riding is a far greater feeling than being able to nail the biggest jump, or jib the longest or largest rail in the park.

Simply put, MOSS Snowsticks are surfboards…for the snow. They are designed to flow with the harmony of the mountain. Long smooth noses, deep swooping side cut profiles and progressive tail designs to give you specific release like the numerous tails we see in surfboard design is what snowsurfing is all about.

MOSS snowboards are best ridden 10-20 cms shorter than your average snowboard. The idea is to set your bindings as far back on the board as possible so you get the same feeling you would be riding a surfboard in your most favorable stance be it regular or goofy. The longer nose and side cut profiles allow the rider to smoothly transition between turns and allow you to ride deep snow with your balance centered giving you back foot freedom to make a maneuver as effortlessly as possible.

Besides the design influence of surfing the whole mountain and its terrain was experienced as a flowing, wave riding experience. This natural, free and deeply personal approach worked so well that snowsurfers regularly refine their shapes just like we do with a surfboard.

Some examples of the types of boards you will be riding on the tour can be seen below.

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