Reasons to Book Japan Now!!

Japan is fast becoming the world’s most popular snow holiday destination for winter sports enthusiasts.  Many ski resorts in Japan have experienced large growth and record numbers of visitors each year.  It is easy to understand why with the quality of snow, great value accommodation, rich Japanese culture and of course the amazing cuisine.  It is because of these reasons, World Snowfaris strongly recommends you book now and save!  It may sound cliché but it has become increasingly difficult to confirm Peak Season dates unless you book in at least 6 - 9 months in advance.

There are many advantages to booking your Snow Holiday early:

   Early Bird Deals on Accommodation:

It is more important to book Japan early than it’s ever been.  It is the ONLY WAY to guarantee you get exactly what you want and for the best possible price.  As the snow season is fairly short and skiers/snowboarders want to maximize their chance of fresh powder, Jan and Feb book out well in advance. Getting in early is especially important for those with specific needs.  E.g. Apartments and Ski Lodges close to the lifts, restaurants and ski schools for the kids will undoubtedly book out first. Some people like to have cooking facilities as well, because let’s face it, eating out every night may not be feasible for everyone, especially families.

So take our advice. If you wait too long then it is likely you will miss out or best case scenario, end up settling for something you don’t really want.

   Cheaper Flights:

Some people think if you book last minute flights you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact as planes fill up they become more and more expensive.  Booking flights as early as possible is key to securing cheap flights.  In the past couple of seasons, the month of MAY has been the time to book flights due to sales, however be wary that school holiday periods are often expensive from the ‘get go’ as airlines are savvy businesses and understand a large percentage of the population can only travel in this time and therefore capitalize on the opportunity.  In other words, don’t wait to book flights if you want to travel in December through to the end of January.

   Cheap Tours:

Tour companies who operate on or off mountain extras like CAT Skiing, snowmobile tours, snow monkey visits and natural onsen experiences usually advertise sales of up to 20% off if booked before 30 June.

    Have more to spend when you get there:

The fact is, if you book now, pay your deposit now and have something to save for, it is likely you will put away that little bit extra out of your salary each week.  There is certainly more to Japan than skiing or snowboarding amazing powder every day.  If you have more money to spend, not only will you enjoy Japan for all its worth but you will be helping small Japanese villages by boosting their economy.  Call us on 1800 611 163 (weekdays) and check AVAILABILITY for your preferred dates of travel!!



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